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 . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .
 . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .  . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .  . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .
Hi! My name is Allie! I am a 6 year old spayed female waiting for my forever home! I know commands and I am good with humans. I prefer lady humans instead of men humans, and no kids, please! They are a bit too high energy for me. I love being playful, belly rubs are my favorite, and I would be an awesome walking partner! A fenced yard is necessary for me, and I will be a good guard dog for you and your home! For more information on me, contact my foster human, Val 517-404-8568
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .
 . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .  . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .  . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .
Hi I'm Bentley, I am 8 years old. Talk about walking nice on a leash, and being house trained that is me! I love being a lazy guy hanging out on the couch if you allow it or basking in the sun. I have a lot of skin issues and need a very special diet to help my skin not break out bad, but if you feed me grain free food I am normally ok. I have been in the rescue for to long and have gotten lazy and enjoy going for strolls and smelling the world around me. I have a few good years in me still if someone would just look at me twice they would see what a great guy I am. I really only want to be the only guy in the house though, can you please give me a place for my remaining years? I won't be much trouble I promise. Please call Val if you can help me out at 517-404-8568
Senior, Male, Medium
 . Chew Chew .
 . Chew Chew .  . Chew Chew .
Chew Chew is a 10 yr old girl who came in with Diamond and has a very hard life. Chew Chews owner died and was bounced from kid to kid until they became homeless and we ended up with these two wonderful loving girls at the rescue. Her best friend was adopted leaving her looking for her forever home all alone now. Chew Chew has a special blanket that she sucks on when she feels stressed and is a little part of her past mom(this is now destryed but loves soft suckies). She loves attention and being petted, she also like to play fetch with a tennis ball but takes her a little time to bring it back, she is older after all. So who has room in their home and heart for this special senior? For more information please call Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Senior, Female, Large
 . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .
 . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .  . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .  . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .
What do you get when you cross and Lab and a Pit you get a very hyper excited 2 year old dog named Duke! This boy LOVES people to much at times and jumps and nips so he really needs someone who has the time and energy to work with him. He likes going for walks but pulls like an Ox. He loves the water and will just lay in the pool in the summer time. He loves playing with toys but will rip the stuffing out so a large stock would be needed. He is very food motivated which is great for trying to train him. He does well with some other dogs, but can play to rough at times and get protective of his food (he was found very skinny) so if you have another dog it would be case by case. This boy has been with us for over a year and deserves a home, if you are an experienced adopter with time and patients won't you give this wonderful boy a chance. Adoption fee is only $50 for more information call Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Young, Male, Large
 . Jake .
 . Jake .
Jake is about 1.5-2 years old and came to us being very protective of his space and things. He has overcome this as he has gotten to know us, but it takes him time to warm up to strangers and allow them into "his space" Jake does not care for other animals most of the time so he would do best as an only dog. He has had very little social interaction with anyone so children are not something he has been around that we are aware of. Jake will need a very patient person who is willing to work with him in teaching him social skills in the world around him and to not fear strangers. Jake does very good on a leash and enjoys exploring the world around him. Jake would make an excellent agility dog or working dog, he is very smart and loves playing fetch and running in the yard. He is very smart and understands what is asked of him quickly. Please give this energetic boy a chance. If you have what it takes to help Jake please call Val at 517-404-8568
Young, Male, Medium
 . Jane Meadow .
 . Jane Meadow .  . Jane Meadow .  . Jane Meadow .
Meet Jane Meadow, she is about 5 years old and a bundle of fun and energy. She loves people and wants to be with you unless she is running around playing with another dog, but she wants to keep you in site. She loves belly rubs and will lay getting her belly rubbed for hours if you let her. She does not like being in a crate and will tell you very loudly how unhappy she is about it. For a little dog, she has a deep bark of a big dog that you are surprised comes out of this little girl. She would love to find a home with another active dog to run and play with she does not care is they are big or small she plays with them regardless. She also wants someone who will work on helping with potty training and willing to give her all the belly rubs she wants. If you would like to know more about her please call Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Adult, Female, Small
 . Melody .
 . Melody .  . Melody .  . Melody .
Melody and her daughter Missy were neglect cases and it shows in their skin and hair loss but not their personalities (Missy has been adopted). Melody was covered in fleas and had such a bad reaction she lost much of her hair on the rear end, it will grow back over time but all she wants to do is be with a loving caring person and crawl into their lap for love. She is a jumper, doing so becasue she is trying to get close to you, we are working hard on the word "off" she just gets so happy to be with people.. She likes some other dogs as long as they are not overly intrusive and more on the calm side but would do best as the only dog she really wants you all to her and only her. Her age is between 5-7 years it is very unclear but she has the energy of a very young dog. If you have a place in your heart and home for this girl to show her what true love is really like please contact Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Zeus .
 . Zeus .  . Zeus .  . Zeus .
Zeus is on the smaller side for his breed (about 80lbs), but this does not mean he is small by any means. He loves most every person he meets and wants to slobber all over you. He has a very playful side in everything he does from walking on leash (he thinks this is a toy and wants to play with the leash in mouth) playing with toys and chasing them when you throw them, swimming is his all time love in life if you live by water or have a pool he will want to be in the water. He is 4 years old with the personality of a puppy. Zeus is NOT GOOD with ANY ANIMAL he wants you all to himself. Zeus also loves to be dirty, it seems the second we groom him, he is dirty and rolling in the dirt or back in the muddy water we cannot seem to keep this boy clean. Zeus would be good with older children over 12 or adult only home. For Zeus and your safety we strongly suggest a fenced yard he cannot climb or area away from other animals. For more information on Zeus please call Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Adult, Male, Not known
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