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Happy Tails!

A Big Heart!

It is truly a big heart that collects donations for an animal rescue in lieu of gifts. For Alex’s 10th birthday he had his friends bring donations and also collected donations from the neighborhood. Last Chance Rescue was the lucky recipient and is so thankful for the very generous amount of gifts!!!! Happy Birthday Alex and thank you from all of us at the rescue!2016-09-14_0002

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Our favorite emails to receive!

We love when adopters email and give us updates on their fury family members they adopted from us.  Here’s a recent email we received.

I don’t know if  you remember me or us I should say, but we adopted Blaze about 6 years ago now…I think. We are from Manchester and I just wanted to shoot you and email update on Blaze. We moved into town a little over a year ago and Blaze has adapted well. Our son Brandon is 14 years old now, but him and Blaze are still the best of friends. They take frequent walks around town together and Blaze still loves playing tug-of-war with his rope. Blaze did get a minor spinal injury when he fell trying to jump in my truck this summer, but he is all healed up now. I am attaching a picture of Blaze and Brandon and wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to adopt Blaze. He has been an amazing addition to our family.

 Thanks, Heath

Blaze and Brandon

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Happy Tails!

We recently received this wonderful email from an adopter….we love stories like this!

“We adopted CeeCee (aka Sissy) in December 2004 and adopted Rosie and Buster together in 2005. Since that time we have volunteered at a local shelter and even fostered. I was notified recently that our old foster dog had passed away with his family after many years and knowing how much it touched my heart to know what a great life he had, I decided to search out the previous foster homes of our dogs to do the same. Buster is 15 now, Rosie is 13, and CC is 11. They are all slowing down but doing surprisingly well for their ages! They are beyond loved and cherished by our whole family. We are the parents to three children who adore our dogs. My 14month old’s second word was “dog” and he calls out to his “Ba-er” all day. They are best buddies.” – Karen


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Ruby – Update

Ruby is a healthy 74 lbs and doing fantastic in her forever home. It’s hard to believe that she’s even the same dog, but we are so happy for her and her second chance!


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Happy Tails! Duke finds his forever home

In the dog rescue world it’s mind blowing the amount of senior dogs that are surrendered, dropped off at Animal Control, and even dumped on the side of a road.  These are the golden years when a dog is at their best; mellow, sweet, obedient….usually no trouble at all.  Duke is no exception to this.  This sweet old man came into Last Chance Rescue at 12 years old!  To think that he lived with a family his entire life and then given away at 12 years old is so sad.  What Duke didn’t know is that a first time foster (super hero foster), stepped up to the plate and found him the best home on the planet !  Duke now resides on 10 acres and is now a therapy dog receiving kisses and hugs everyday for the rest of his life.  Check out this wonderful video his foster parents made of Duke! Makes you want to foster, doesn’t it???  :)


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