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Featured Animal

Sweet Girl Looking for Loving Home!

Brooke came to Last Chance Rescue from a high kill shelter.  She was originally taken from a home where she was tied out to a tree in the back yard.  She is a very loving girl and great with all humans.  She is looking for a patient family to work with her to help her understand what it means to be an indoor dog.  She has the potential of being a wonderful companion.  If you’d like to meet Brooke or if you have any questions, please contact the rescue at  Brooke looks forward to meeting you.


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Kitties GALORE!

Please call and make an appointment to come check out all the kittens and cats that we have at the rescue.  To many kittens to even list al of them, but here’s a couple cute faces that are looking for their forever homes.  Call Val at  517-494-8586 to make an appointment today.

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Check out Lucky’s video!

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Lucky Update

Week #2 – Lucky is still very shy around people but he is showing progress.  It took him 2 days in his foster home to eat his first meal, but now is accepting treats from his foster mom’s hand.  He wags his tail in the morning when he sees his foster parents, and is starting to get excited to go on walks.  He would love to be in a home with another dog because Lucky imitates the other dogs in the house; he follows their lead when it’s time for a walk, going down stairs, or when it’s time for a treat.  He’s made great strides towards his house training, for never living in a home with a family it’s quite impressive that he’s gone 4 days currently with no potty accidents.  Lucky is still super shy of the camera so his foster mom started taking pictures of Lucky and calls them the “Peek-a-boo portraits”.  If you think Lucky might be the next man in your life and would like to meet him, please contact his foster mom at


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The Story of Lucky – An Open Ended Story

Week #1 -Lucky hasn’t been so lucky in life.  He is 8 years old and has yet to call a place his home.  He’s gone from being a back yard dog to ending up at Animal Control to ending up at Last Chance Rescue, and here is where he’s hoping that his luck will turn for the better. He is in a foster home and that means big changes coming his way.  He’s very scared right now but that is understandable; everything is brand new to him.  He is timid being around people and doesn’t want to be approached; however, he is following his foster mom from room to room and keeps a watchful eye on her at all times.  Something so simple as taking a dog for a walk seems so natural as a dog owner, but for Lucky his very first walk of his life was yesterday.  It’s crazy to think about that, eight years old and never having been taken for a walk.  It was during this walk for the first time that Lucky untucked his tail, we are no where close to seeing it wag but for now we’ll settle for the untuck ….as fleeting as it was.   Stay tuned to watch Lucky’s story unfold.



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