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Go Fund Me Link

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Check out this really cool organization!

Quilts to the Rescue is a charitable 501c3 organization that sells and auctions off quilts to raise funds for animal rescue. They earmark funds for senior or hard to place animals.

Quilts to Rescue – Click HERE!

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A great opportunity for gift buying and donating to Last Chance Rescue!

From now until 12/31/2015, for every item you purchase from my shop, over $15.00, an automatic discount of 40% of the purchase price will be donated by myself to “Last Chance Rescue”,  a local animal rescue close to my heart. Or, you may combine up to and over the $15.00 minimum with lower priced items.
PLEASE USE this Coupon Code at checkout:  DONATERESCUE2015 (no spaces)
 If you would like me to furnish a receipt for your records, showing that your money was indeed donated, please let me know at the time of purchase by entering “please provide receipt”, along with your mailing address.  Please allow 4 weeks for this processing though I will make every attempt to make it happen earlier.
PLEASE NOTE: failure to enter the correct Coupon Code and correct address (if a receipt is requested) will result in either or both options not being honored.
                                                           There can be NO returns, refunds or exceptions.
Thank you so much for your generosity to animals in desperate need!
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The first ever Paws & Portraits was a giant success!

When people come together wonderful things can happen!  Such a wonderful group of photographers and volunteers donated their time to make the first ever Paws and Portraits a giant success.  Just under $3,000 was raised for the animals at Last Chance Rescue.

Please take a moment to click on the links of all the photographers that donated their time. Becky Pies Photography  Deanna Spivey Photography    Rachel Shomsky Photography   Jay Dreifus Photography  Karen Kish Photography  Kellie Saunders Photography  Chelsea Brown Photography  Rachel Rice Photography  John Wiley Photography  Nick Wisda Photography   Kristina Lee Photography  Molly Bonds Photography  and Leah Moss Photography. 

Without the volunteers and photographers this fundraiser wouldn’t have been possible.  It turned out to be such a fun filled day with dogs everywhere, volunteers on ATV’s and golf carts, horses, animals for adoption, hotdogs, baked goods, raffles, beautiful weather, and most importantly – the people that came to be photographed!!!!

A special thanks to Dr. Butts from the Fowlerville Vet that generously donated the funds for us to be able to provide a port-a-potty!!  Thank you Dr. Butts!!!    Here is just a sample of some of the great images from the day.

2015-10-05_0001 2015-10-05_0019 2015-10-05_0018 2015-10-05_0017 2015-10-05_0016 2015-10-05_00152015-10-05_0013 2015-10-05_0012 2015-10-05_0011 2015-10-05_0010 2015-10-05_0009 2015-10-05_0008 2015-10-05_0007 2015-10-05_0006 2015-10-05_0005 2015-10-05_0004 2015-10-05_0003   2015-10-05_00202015-10-05_0002

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Great gift idea and helps the rescue at the same time!

Hi guys! Scentsy is a flameless candle, the wax burns just above body temperature so it is safe for pets and kids! They make wonderful gifts! This month all commission is coming back to Last Chance! If you are interested browse through! Click on Open Parties and Last Chance so we can earn money! Thank you for your continued support!

Click here Last Chance Rescue Scentsy fund raiser

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