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 . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .
 . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .  . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .  . Allie  **Sponsored dog** .
Hi! My name is Allie! I am a 6 year old spayed female waiting for my forever home! I know commands and I am good with humans. I prefer lady humans instead of men humans, and no kids, please! They are a bit too high energy for me. I love being playful, belly rubs are my favorite, and I would be an awesome walking partner! A fenced yard is necessary for me, and I will be a good guard dog for you and your home! For more information on me, contact my foster human, Val 517-404-8568
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .
 . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .  . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .  . Bentley  **Sponsored Senior** .
Hi I'm Bentley, I am 8 years old. Talk about walking nice on a leash, and being house trained that is me! I love being a lazy guy hanging out on the couch if you allow it or basking in the sun. I have a lot of skin issues and need a very special diet to help my skin not break out bad, but if you feed me grain free food I am normally ok. I have been in the rescue for to long and have gotten lazy and enjoy going for strolls and smelling the world around me. I have a few good years in me still if someone would just look at me twice they would see what a great guy I am. I really only want to be the only guy in the house though, can you please give me a place for my remaining years? I won't be much trouble I promise. Please call Val if you can help me out at 517-404-8568
Senior, Male, Medium
 . Brook  **Sponsored Dog** .
 . Brook  **Sponsored Dog** .  . Brook  **Sponsored Dog** .  . Brook  **Sponsored Dog** .
Meet Brook she is about 4yrs and the most loving sweet girl you will ever meet. She loves to snuggle and kiss your face. She also has a very playful wild side. She will play with toys or run and run in the yard when she is happy and excited. Brook really needs to be an only animal in the home since she wants all of your attention. She also needs work on housebreaking but is very smart and very willing to learn. She walks very good on a leash and enjoys laying in the sun. She would do well with a little older children because she does need work with basic training and jumps and may knock a small child over not meaning to. Brook needs an adopter who will set limits and not let her rule the home and treat her like a dog or she will test you. Brook is good better with girl kids more then boys we are not clear as to why. If you would like to give this sweet girl a chance she would love to meet you. Must be 21 or older to adopt and a MI resident. For more information please call Val at 517-404-8568
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Buster Brown (Sponsored Dog) .
 . Buster Brown (Sponsored Dog) .  . Buster Brown (Sponsored Dog) .  . Buster Brown (Sponsored Dog) .
BUSTER BROWN; Hello, my name is Buster -- BUSTER BROWN; Boxer/terrier mix. Buster is about 5 years young, he is house trained, crate trained. He pretty much has no leash skills (pulls like a Mack truck) - but is trainable. He comes when called - as long as he wants to but likes to roll over instead so you will rub his belly, he will fetch the tennis ball - and keep it some of the time. He takes treats nicely, he is not a fussy eater. He is fine with some dogs, he does NOT do well with CATS!. He loves giving you a hug and sunbathing in the yard. Buster was a street dog in Detroit and had frost bite on his foot and now has part of one paw and has a hernia that never needed repair. None of this stopped him of slowed him down! Must have a physical fenced yard, prefer no children, Buster is current with vaccines, neutered, micro-chipped. Loves people! For more information please contact call Val 517-404-8568
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Chew Chew .
 . Chew Chew .  . Chew Chew .  . Chew Chew .
Chew Chew is a 10 yr old girl who came in with Diamond (rotti photo) and has a very hard life. Chew Chews owner died and was bounced from kid to kid until they became homeless and we ended up with these two wonderful loving girls at the rescue. They have a very strong bond with each other since they have been the only sure thing in each others life for some time. Chew Chew has a special blanket that she sucks on when she feels stressed and is a little part of her past mom. She loves attention and being petted. She has some dry skin on her back from a flea allergy that we are working on getting better. We would love to see these girls stay together as it would help them adjust so much better in a new home and keep Chew Chew as playful and spunky as she is for the years she has left to give love to someone. For more information please call Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Senior, Female, Large
 . Diamond .
 . Diamond .  . Diamond .  . Diamond .
Diamond is a very sweet 6 year old Rotti who came in with her best friend Chew Chew (other photo). Their owner became homeless and these girls needed a home and we could not have asked for two most wonderful additions. Diamond is always looking for her buddy Chew Chew and will not go any place without her. She loves attention and walks between your legs for it. She is a small girl as many of the female girls of this breed are. She loves her sister and follows her every where and while they are very different breeds if would be wonderful to see them placed together as they have been bounced around enough. She wants nothing more then to please people,She does not care for men she seems scared of them and NO CATS. For more information please call Val at 517-404-8568 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Adult, Female, Large
 . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .
 . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .  . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .  . Duke (Sponsored Dog) .
Duke came to us very hungry and very skinny, this boy has now plumped up and has the energy of the puppy he still is. He needs a home that has the time and energy to work with Duke on some of his bad behaviors such as jumping and nipping when his is excited. He just loves people so much that he cannot control himself. On a good note Duke loves toys, swimming in the pool, other dogs (as long as no food in around) being with people and is very food motivated for training. He is about a year and half old now and about 80 lbs with fur that is not black but not brown either he is his own color just like he is his own personality. Duke is very smart and willing to learn for that person who has the love and willingness to work with this sweet loving boy. For more information or to please give this boy a place in your heart and home call Val @ 517-404-8568
Young, Male, Large
Meet Mr. Flash, we like to call him! He is simply adorable! He is UTD on shots and neutered as well as HW negative and microchipped. He does come when called and is a beagle basset mix. Very loving and sweet. He adores playing with his ball and toys - but does not like to share them! So he would do best as the king of the home! He can be very snippy at times when it comes to his toys, touching him in ways he does not want to be touched such as trimming nails, playing with his ears, petting for to long. He is a pretty independent dog. He really likes attention, but on his terms. He does ok with some dogs but would be best as an only dog. For more information please call Val at 517-404-8568
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Jake .
 . Jake .
Jake is about 1.5 years old and came to us being very protective of his space and things. He has overcome this as he has gotten to know us, but it takes him time to warm up to strangers and allow them into "his space" Jake does not care for other animals so he would do best as an only dog. He has had very little social interaction with anyone so children are not something he has been around that we are aware of. Jake will need a very patient person who is willing to work with him in teaching him social skills in the world around him and to not fear strangers. Jake does very good on a leash and enjoys exploring the world around him. If you have what it takes to help Jake please call Val at 517-404-8568
Young, Male, Medium
 . Lexi (Sponsored Senior) .
 . Lexi (Sponsored Senior) .  . Lexi (Sponsored Senior) .
Lexi and her son Smokie arrived after almost being starved to death and abused and made healthy. Both are such sweet loving dogs that are very much bonded together since they have been though good and bad. Lexi is about 8 years old but still acts like a very young dog and loves to run and play in the yard and chase balls. She loves people of all shapes and sizes and cannot get enough love from them. The hope is to keep both Lexi and Smokie together since all they do is cry and scream like humans when they are apart from each other. A fenced yard is a must. No one will be considered without completing a pre adoption application first. While we would love to adopt the two together as they have been with each other all their lives, we will adopt apart to find them the right homes. You must be 21 or older to adopt and a MI resident. For further information please email lcrhowell@yahoo.com or call Val 517-404-8568
Senior, Female, Medium
 . Peanut .
 . Peanut .  . Peanut .
Meet Peanut she is just that a little peanut. She is a sweet senior girl of about 10 yr and because of her size she is a little escape artist and manages to find her way out of every little nick and cranny she can find. She just loves to snuggle and be held and does well with other dogs. Peanut is paper trained and will also go outside but is not totally house broken as she was part of a large hoarding situation with 57 other Chihuahuas. If you would like more information on this tiny little girl please call Sharen at 517-548-5720
Senior, Female, Small
 . Smokie (Sponsored dog) .
 . Smokie (Sponsored dog) .  . Smokie (Sponsored dog) .  . Smokie (Sponsored dog) .
Smokie and his mom Lexi came in after being starved and abused and made healthy again. Smokie is just 3 years old and full of energy and love for everyone he meets. He loves to run in the yard and chase balls,play with toys and chew on bones. He also thinks he is a lap dog and so does his mommy so we hope whoever adopts them has a really big lap or two to share with them. A fenced yard is a must with these two as they love to run and explore. Because of their past you must fill out a pre adoption form . You will not meet two more loving dogs that want to be by your side. They cannot get enough love and attention. While we would love to adopt the two together as they have been with each other all their lives, we will adopt apart to find them the right homes. You must be 21 or older to adopt and a MI resident. For further information please email lcrhowell@yahoo.com or call Val 517-404-8568
Adult, Male, Large
 . Truly Triscuit .
 . Truly Triscuit .  . Truly Triscuit .  . Truly Triscuit .
Check out my slide show from my photo shoot! TRULY TRISCUIT: Triscuit was born in 2006, he weighs about 45 pounds, he is very handsome, is house trained, microchipped, neutered, current with his vaccines, on monthly heartworm preventative. Triscuit enjoys car rides, going for leash walks, running around in the back yard and just being where ever you are. He knows his basic commands, eats slow and usually lays down to eat. He does well with other animals, but would be best as a solo dog. He is very much the ladies man, and will bond quickly to you. Triscuit is an owner surrender to a kill shelter because he had tested positive for heartworm. I payed the pull fee, we treated him and he has recovered from the painful procedure. It is recommended that he continue heartworm preventative year round. He is not a chewer, a digger, a barker, or demanding. He is a true heeler - and occasionally he may "nip" to move you along -- he has not been with children and it would be best for him not to be in a busy home or a home with children at this stage of his life. He has gone cross county skiing and snow shoeing with me, he is used to horses, pigs, goats, barn cats and dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds. He will lay in front of the fireplace on a dog bed, every once in a while he will sleep on the easy chair. Triscuit's adoption fee is $150.00 Foster mom Jan gladllc@netzero.net
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Zeus .
 . Zeus .  . Zeus .  . Zeus .
Zeus is on the smaller side for his breed (about 80lbs), but this does not mean he is small by any means. He loves most every person he meets and wants to slobber all over you. He has a very playful side in everything he does from walking on leash (he thinks this is a toy and wants to play with the leash in mouth) playing with toys and chasing them when you throw them, swimming is his all time love in life if you live by water or have a pool he will want to be in the water. He is 4 years old with the personality of a puppy. Zeus is NOT GOOD with ANY ANIMAL he wants you all to himself. Zeus also loves to be dirty, it seems the second we groom him, he is dirty and rolling in the dirt or back in the muddy water we cannot seem to keep this boy clean. Zeus would be good with older children over 12 or adult only home. For Zeus and your safety we strongly suggest a fenced yard or area away from other animals. For more information on Zeus please call Val at 517-548-5720 or email lcrhowell@yahoo.com
Adult, Male, Not known
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